WysePower launches its new brand and position to better its identity to reflect the new ambition, size, and scope of the growing business.

After a successful period from 2006 – 2022, the company took a step back to reflect on its current branding which no longer reflected its leading market position in the UK.

“The new WysePower branding is a really positive statement for the business and our industry,” says Shawn Callaghan, Managing Director at WysePower.

“The company itself has grown exponentially over the past 20 years, going from national to international. We’re now able to service the construction industry at a scale that wasn’t possible even five years ago. Our stores are now stocked and ready to go for local housebuilding projects, to skyscrapers and high-rises in the country’s busiest cities.

image of construction site workers looking at a building

“It was this growth that triggered us to take a serious look at our brand and how we present ourselves. We’ve updated and upgraded and now we have a brand that showcases the true identity of WysePower.”

WysePower was founded in 1958 as Wyseplant, and began by providing temporary electrics, hoists, cranes, cabins and general plant.

Since that period the company has expanded across the UK employing over 200 people across eight locations, with a specific focus on nurturing young talent through its apprenticeship programme.

Our apprentice programme is one of the most important aspects of our business and the one that I am most proud of,” comments Shawn.

“WysePeople are at the heart of every project that we do. Giving opportunities to young people in construction and training them the Wyse way provides them with groundings to shape and work on some of the UK’s most exciting projects. From a client perspective, knowing that our people are trained on our equipment gives them complete peace of mind, and the feedback we’ve had from companies on our commitment to the future of the industry has been fantastic.

We want to show people that construction is a fulfilling and rewarding career and one that shouldn’t just be considered if you didn’t get into university – it should be considered as equal. We will give anyone the opportunity to work across our departments and progress, from the team on the tools to the Managing Directors office.

WysePower employee working on a construction site.

Key to the businesses growth that sparked the reposition was its evolving offer around sustainability, giving developers options when it comes to the latest technologies and helping them hit their green criteria.

“At WysePower, we approach sustainability differently than other temporary site service providers. We absolutely pride ourselves in giving our clients options which include the latest green technologies, but we also reuse, repurpose and reinstall existing equipment if suitable.” comments Mark Herron, Sales & Estimating Director at WysePower.

“Reusing our equipment ensures that it is regularly serviced, maintained and upgraded if necessary. It greatly reduces our carbon footprint as it means we do not have to ship in new machinery every time there is an additional requirement. It also means our stores are fully stocked across the country and ready to service jobs from small developments to skyscrapers.”