An exciting new residential development has been given the green light in Belfast and WysePower is the temporary site services provider of choice.

The Loft Lines development is a new riverside community being built on Queen’s Island, situated in the heart of the lively Titanic Quarter. The design for the new urban community is inspired by the shipyard’s loftsmen who once made life-sized plate patterns of ships on the enormous black floor.

WysePower has been commissioned by main contractor Graham to provide all the temporary services required throughout the duration of the project, starting with the welfare installation and then moving into the buildings as the job progresses. WysePower is expected to start working onsite in the middle of June 2024.

“We were able to devise a thorough, detailed plan following the initial site visit, which helped us to define the scope of their requirements,” says Mark Staunton, Northen Sales Manager. “This allowed us to put a robust proposal together to meet all their needs. We also have a great existing relationship with Graham.”

When completed, The Loft Lines development will have 778 sustainable, lifestyle-first homes that will be surrounded by walkways, boulevards and urban woodland.

The WysePower team anticipate being onsite for approximately two years.