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What is WyseBase?

WyseBase is a revolutionary temporary foundation solution that provides a carbon-neutral and cost-effective alternative to traditional concrete foundations.

Traditionally, concrete has been the material of choice for creating foundation blocks/footing blocks. However, the use of concrete can have a significant impact on the environment due to its high carbon footprint. This is where WyseBase comes in as an innovative and sustainable solution.

WyseBase doesn’t require excavation, leveling, or curing time unlike traditional concrete foundations. Instead, it uses a unique stacking system that allows for easy and efficient installation. This makes the installation process faster and minimises the environmental impact of the foundation. The modular design of the WyseBase system also means that it can be easily reconfigured and relocated, making it a versatile solution for any construction project.

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The alternative foundation block. WyseBase is a carbon neutral and cost-effective alternative solution to traditional concrete bases.
Steps made from 100% recycled materials


WyseBase is made from 100% recycled materials and is fully recyclable after use. Compared to the alternative concrete footings, WyseBase will save on average 1.66t of carbon on each ton of concrete produced. Recycling doesn’t just mean breaking it down and starting again, we also reuse and repurpose all of our products where possible, resulting in our zero-landfill policy.

Wysepower taking on sustainable projects


Breaking ground is costly, time wasting and bad for the environment. WyseBase removes the need for traditional concrete casting on-site, curing, or interfering with anything below ground: reducing the need to bring toxic materials onto site. Once the foundations are set, the cabins are lowered on and additions, such as ramps, steps, handrails and skirting are fitted – this is possible within half a day. At project end, the cabins and accessories are simply removed and WyseBase lifts away, leaving the site undisturbed.

WyseBase can withstand loads over 350kn


WyseBase can withstand loads over 350kn and is able to support triple stacked cabins and modules at any height to suit your project – with tolerances of +/-5mm achievable.

Removing the need for heavy machinery also removes risk from your site, greatly reducing dangers to workers installing via traditional methods, such as hand-arm vibration.

Semi-permanent & temporary landings icon
Semi-permanent & temporary landings

Easy to install outside space extensions for cabins, equipped with skirting to reduce fire risk, vermin and increase security.

Steps & Handrails icon
Steps & Handrails

Secure access to your cabins by fixing temporary stairs and handrails, creating better accessibility.

Access ramps icon
Access ramps

Provide accessible access to your temporary cabins with our range of access ramps and finishes.

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Temporary roads

Our temporary road products are an efficient and cost-effective method for sites requiring simple and safe vehicle access.

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