Construction sites are one of the most hazardous places to work. Statistics from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) revealed that the construction industry has the highest work-related fatalities. 135 workers were killed in work-related accidents in 2022/23, of which, 45 worked in construction. The nature of construction work makes it one of the most hazardous sectors and it’s important to consider all aspects of health and safety before workers are permitted onsite.

Preventing accidents

It’s important to take as many precautions as possible to ensure safety on construction sites. Here are a few ways to help prevent accidents from taking place:

  • Up-to-date training: Accidents onsite can happen because workers don’t have the necessary training before they start on a project. It’s essential all workers are trained before they start work on a site so that they’re aware of any risks.
  • Safety tools and personal protective equipment (PPE): Having the right tools and equipment is vital to safe and efficient working. For example, respiratory protective equipment, safety goggles, hard hats etc. It may also be necessary to equip workers with fall arrest kits if they are going to be working at height. Around 51% of all construction fatalities in 2022/23 were falls from height, according to the HSE, which highlights the need for reliable safety equipment.
  • Keep everyone informed about any spills: If there has been an incident onsite involving spills of flammable or toxic liquids, it’s important to notify workers immediately so they can take the necessary precautions and act accordingly.
  • Complete a construction phase plan: Before work starts onsite, a construction phase plan must be prepared, which highlights the site rules and health and safety measures. It must also illustrate specific arrangements concerning any work involving the risks listed in Schedule 3 of The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations (CDM) 2015. The principal contractor is responsible for the construction phase plan if the project involves more than one contractor.

Following health and safety regulations

Following health and safety procedures is required by law. The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 provides a legal framework to ensure health and safety standards in the workplace and is enforced by the HSE.

Businesses could be fined or even banned (depending on the severity of the risk) if you don’t have the correct health and safety plan in place. If HSE finds that your construction site is in breach of health and safety regulations, they will take the appropriate action against you.

Safety is our priority

As a responsible company, WysePower is committed to safe working by ensuring all our employees undergo continuous health and safety training. We also ensure that all temporary site services are rigorously tested and are fully compliant with the regulations. Our efforts have not gone unrecognised.

In July 2022, WysePower was awarded Contractor of the Month by Hitachi Zosen Innova (HZI) for exemplary health and safety behaviour on site of the Newhurst Energy Recovery Facility in Leicestershire. The team was awarded for their outstanding contribution towards Behavioural Safety on site and going above and beyond their normal duties.

WysePower also received a Commended Innovation Champion award in December 2022, for its forward-thinking solution regarding fire safety during the refurbishment of Manchester Town Hall. A temporary 30-40ft high roof required an additional smoke detector and so a cradle device was constructed and attached to a catenary-style wire rope, allowing the smoke detector to be lowered and raised from the scaffold walkway. This solution saved time and eliminated the need for access equipment.

Our apprentices learn about site safety from the get-go to ensure they implement safe working practices. Apprentice Jamar Williams won a Safety Awareness Award for the Manchester Town Hall project in 2023, that is given to dedicated individuals who demonstrate a keen eye to ensure the overall safety of the construction site. His dedication is an example of WysePower’s commitment to site safety.

Site safety and security services

WysePower oversees the design and implements a range of building site security measures to protect your site and staff, which includes CCTV, alarm, evacuation, and responder systems for emergency assistance on site, helping to protect lives. Our dedicated teams also provide service testing procedures to ensure all equipment performs as it should throughout your project. For great peace of mind, choose WysePower.

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