No matter the construction project’s size or scope, several services must be temporarily set up before work can begin. In this blog, we’ll explore why temporary site services are required on construction sites and how they contribute to successful project outcomes.

Construction sites are bustling hives of activity, where complex projects come to life. Work on construction sites can be divided into two types: permanent and temporary. While permanent site works are concerned with the entire lifespan of the structure, temporary services are concerned with the setup of construction activities.

Temporary site services are a critical aspect of the construction project that often goes unnoticed because these essential provisions play a vital role in ensuring smooth operations and creating a safe and efficient working environment. Temporary site services can range from providing a constant electricity supply to installing CCTV systems on-site.

What temporary site services does WysePower provide?

Wysepower provides all the essential temporary services to keep your site running smoothly and efficiently. We provide complete turnkey service for the design, supply, installation, maintenance, and testing of the most comprehensive range of temporary services – so you’ll find everything in one place. Here’s what we offer:

WysePower on site.

Temporary electrical services

Of course, every site needs a reliable and constant electricity supply and because no two construction sites are the same, WysePower goes the extra mile to design and develop a fully compliant, bespoke scheme that meets your temporary electrical, power, lighting, and communication needs. We ensure full power is always available on-site for any project of any size. And because we develop a scheme that’s unique to your project, we can adapt and move with you, from foundation to final fix, so you’re never without power.

Temporary mechanical services

As well as needing electricity on site, it’s vitally important to have an efficient water management and drainage system. At WysePower, we can design and install a comprehensive scheme of temporary water and drainage for all your on-site needs. We work with you to design the plumbing systems, right from inception to installation. Of course, if your requirements change as your project progresses, we’ll adapt with you.

Site safety & security

It’s imperative to keep your construction site and workers safe. Get great peace of mind with our temporary building site safety and security solutions. We oversee the design of construction security and CCTV systems so you’re free to focus on your project. We implement a number of security measures to protect your site and staff with our professional CCTV, alarm, evacuation, and responder systems.

Sustainable solutions

Reducing carbon emissions and engaging in more sustainable practices are high on the agenda for many companies. WysePower is proud to offer market leading sustainable solutions no matter how big or small your project is. By providing energy management through smart metering, consumption planning, and water efficiency, we can help you reduce your energy and water consumption.

Utility supply

There’s nothing more frustrating than dealing with multiple utility suppliers all at once. So, to save you time, WysePower offers a complete, managed service for your temporary energy, communication, and water supplies and allows you to deal with a single point of contact. From the planning stage right up to completion, we will ensure that you are connected to the National Grid without any hassle.

To ensure your construction project is set up efficiently, choose WysePower temporary site services.

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