Data centres are integral to processing and storing huge amounts of data, but how are they constructed and how can WysePower support their construction? We delve into the details…

Along with Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Paris, and Dublin, London is in the top 5 cities in Europe for data centre construction in 2023/24. This is being driven in part, by huge investments in the cities. The UK government, for example, has established a low tax zone at London Gateway that will offer initiatives such as tax incentives, rebates on construction and machinery and lower tariffs. As London’s data centre market continues to expand, the role of experienced temporary site service providers like WysePower becomes increasingly critical. Our services provide the foundational support for success in this booming industry.

Supporting data centre construction

Before the construction of a high-tech data centre begins, the groundwork laid by temporary site services is crucial. WysePower excels in this preparatory phase, offering comprehensive turnkey solutions for power, lighting, sanitation, and security. In a city where space is a premium and regulations are stringent, our expertise ensures that data centre projects start on solid footing.

Once the design phase is complete and we are appointed (or in contract) with the client we deploy manpower and equipment to site. We have a quality procurement and logistics department who are well versed in shipping large value and volume equipment safely and on time across Europe. The electricians who we send to site are specialists in temporary electrics and have in most instances had experience on other data centre projects. Once on site, we stay there to oversee the project from start to finish to ensure a smooth, high quality delivery while managing manpower levels to suit site progress. We also have a depth of experience in the commissioning phase of a data centre.

The commissioning phase

The commissioning phase is an integral part in the completion of a data centre. WysePower provides a full tailored service to meet the demands of the project. We install temperature and humidity controls to ensure that all the new switchgear is fit to go into service once it’s ready to be powered up. We also run temporary supplies to the temporary generators and e-houses to ensure the switchgear is fit to go into service once ready.

Hundreds of auxiliary power supplies from a secondary power source are installed to ensure that if the power to the load banks was to fail, the cooling fan can be maintained to reduce any fire risk during load bank runs. We also support the client by setting up all the load banks in line with the commissioning scripts and moving all the tap off boxes to suit the next run of tests.

In addition, we inspect and repair the commissioning equipment as it arrives on site and ready to be put into service. This ensures that the commissioning phase can be completed as soon as possible.

Unbeatable service

Our expert WysePeople are always on-hand throughout the duration of the project. Our work often entails attending client meetings and complying with main contractor requirements including DABs meetings (Daily Activity Briefings). We also support the site management with regular director walk rounds and client liaison to ensure everything is on track and to the brief.

WysePower is forward thinking and able to work innovatively and collaboratively. We are flexible enough to adapt quickly to accommodate change. What’s more, we have a proven track record of working safely and effectively on high security and confidential projects. Our expertise has been utilised in major European cities including Amsterdam, Dublin, Frankfurt, Sweden and Warsaw. In London, our services have already assisted in the construction of data centres in Canary Wharf, and sites around London and the surrounding areas.

“Our safety record is impeccable and we regularly receive contractor of the month from our clients for safety and quality,” says Mark Herron, Sales & Estimating Director. “We are extremely well versed in what it takes to deliver a high quality, cost-effective service to data centre projects. Our previous experience on data centres has resulted in the development of our design, specific to these projects which is very different from a traditional commercial project.”

The importance of data centres

Data centre construction requires cooperation, precise planning and close attention to detail, which is why data centre contractors need to work with a strategic partner when it comes to the provision of temporary site services. Last year the UK data centre market was estimated to be worth £6.3 million ($7711 million). Our dependence on these facilities is set to increase further with the digitalisation of both our personal lives and business processes including: the Internet of Things, the explosion in AI, the continued adoption of cloud-based solutions and the growth of the 5G network.

Data centres require huge amounts of electricity, so robust local power infrastructure is critical to their success. Data centres currently account for 2.5% of the UK’s electricity consumption and the National Grid estimates this figure to increase to around 6% of the UK’s total electricity consumption by 2030 as more data centres are built.

WysePower stands as a vital partner in this sector, providing the essential temporary site services that form the backbone of successful data centre construction projects. With our comprehensive solutions and experienced team, we help navigate the complexities of this dynamic market, laying the groundwork for the digital infrastructure of tomorrow.

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