WyseBase is the support act at GMI Construction Group’s Yeovil site

WyseBase has provided a quick, cost-effective temporary foundation solution for the site accommodation on GMI Construction Group’s site in Yeovil, Somerset, where the contractor is building a new logistics hub for Leonardo Helicopters.

What is WyseBase?

WyseBase is a carbon neutral alternative to conventional cast concrete bases for site cabins. Rather than concrete the entire area beneath the site cabins, WyseBase uses a series of foundation pads, strategically positioned beneath each cabin base, to support the accommodation unit.

Each foundation pad is assembled from modules of EcoGrid matting, which is carefully stacked to overcome undulating ground while at the same time ensuring the cabins are stable and are held clear of the ground. The EcoGrid mats are made from 100% recycled plastics, which are itself fully recyclable.

About the project

Having worked with WyseBase on previous projects, in autumn 2021, GMI Construction came direct to WyseBase to ensure a quick turnaround for the temporary foundations on the Yeovil project. WyseBase was able to respond with the supply and installation of 30 foundation pads to support a double-stacked, five-module suite of site accommodation.

The cabins were provided by Elliott Cabins. Installation of the 30 pads was completed quickly because the WyseBase modules are placed directly onto the prepared ground in accordance with the cabin provider’s drawings.

The WyseBase installation team uses a laser-level to ensure the tops of the bases are level and at the correct height. Minor height adjustments are made by adding or removing EcoGrid mats of various thicknesses before each foundation pad is topped by an 8mm rubber mat and a 10mm steel plate to ensure loads are spread evenly across the pad.

Once WyseBase had installed the foundation pads, the cabins can be simply craned into position. WyseBase then return to the site to fit the cabin access steps and ramps along with vermin skirts around the base of the cabins. To further minimise their environmental impact, both the steps and vermin skirts are also made from recycled plastic.

At the end of construction, the assembly process is reversed. Steps and skirts are detached then, once the cabins have been removed, the foundation pads are dismantled so that the components can be re-used on subsequent WyseBase projects.

The WyseBase solution

The simplicity of the WyseBase solution is in marked contrast to the use of concrete for the cabin bases. If concrete had been used, this would have necessitated a delay at the outset to give the concrete time to cure followed by an additional delay at end of the hire while the cast concrete bases are removed, often to landfill, before the ground can be reinstated.

With WyseBase, there is no waste to landfill and no requirement to make good the ground, which is good for the environment and saves the contractor both time and money – making WyseBase a win, win solution.