This year the London market is accelerating and the city stands out as the strongest area in the country for contractors looking for new orders in 2024. According to construction intelligence organisation Glenigan, 26 of the largest 100 construction sites due to start this year are in London.

Hotel and Leisure are the runaway success stories with reporting that a third of all planning approvals were in the “vibrant” hotel and leisure sector.

The office sector too is strong with the volume of new starts the highest since 2005 according to financial consultancy Deloitte. Interestingly, Deloitte says new starts are dominated by refurbishments as owners rush to minimise the risk of stranded assets in the face of tightening minimum energy efficiency standards and occupiers’ net zero commitments.

Alongside refurbishments, another fast-growing sector according to Deloitte is in conversion of London offices into research and development spaces for the life sciences sector.

Meanwhile, new private residential activity across the capital is being driven by Build-to-Rent schemes.

Getting sites moving: at speed

With so many sectors set to boom in the capital, the immediate challenge is to get sites live fast. Time is money and when it’s a lot of money at stake everything needs to happen quickly. First off the block has to be the construction site services which turn a site live.

At WysePower we’re used to being in a hurry. It takes a particular type of person to work in an organization that is routinely required to act immediately and on whom the operation of a multi-million-pound construction project may depend.

We’re not fazed – we’ve been helping get projects over the line on time for over 60 years. With a management team who learned their skills on the tools, a practical approach, informed by a real understanding of the sector, is embedded throughout the organisation and we like a challenge.

WysePower has built its reputation on its people and our ethos involves a focus on core WysePower values: safety, quality, investment. We’ve got our own way of doing things and we’ll adapt to any project, large or small.

London Construction site services: safely

As an organisation we are committed to safe working. We invest in our employees and ensure all staff undergo continuous health and safety training to ensure they adhere to safe working practices. In addition, all temporary site systems are tested to prove they are safe and that they comply with all necessary regulations.

WysePower’s investment in its workforce includes an active apprenticeship programme. Many of our site operatives joined WysePower as apprentices and have been supported through college while they are mentored on site, with some going on to the highest positions in the business.

This is how we can promise that our senior team understands the challenges faced by customers every day. And, because they’ve been there and done it, they are able to support teams with the necessary resources to enable them to swiftly respond to challenges.

Value engineering temporary site services in London

Our employees’ knowledge should always help save contractors money. A typical example of this problem-solving approach occurred at the site for Google’s new HQ building at Kings Cross.

We were looking to drive down the cost of operating the site and used our experience and in-house database to size the high voltage power supply for the site’s five tower cranes efficiently. We factored in load diversification as our data showed that it would be unlikely all five cranes would operate at maximum power simultaneously. This type of calculation allowed us to optimise the size of the site electrical supply to give the most cost-effective solution.

Meeting Environmental targets

Finally, we’re proud to say that WysePower is helping contractors meet increasingly ambitious environmental commitments. We’ll use low energy LED site lighting combined with sophisticated control systems to reduce energy consumption, we’ll minimise water wastage and we’ll re-use everything.

All equipment, all cable, even all pipework is collected from sites, refurbished, re-tested, and sent back out: we’re as close to zero waste as we can get and we’re working hard to reduce our carbon footprint.

Not all temporary site services companies are the same and we’re proud of our difference. To find out how WysePower can help your London construction project, why not pick the old dog and bone and give us a bell: we talk your language…call us on 0161 876 5068.