In addition to power and lighting, construction sites require a number of essential services to ensure the welfare of the workers. Let’s explore the topic in this blog.

Every construction site is different, but no matter how big or small, each site needs to ensure that all the appropriate services are in place to support the welfare of the workers. These measures should also comply with the relevant Health and Safety Executive Regulations.

The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015

For construction workers, The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015, Section 2 identifies the welfare facilities that should be in place at all sites such as:

  • Toilets and washing
  • Changing, eating and rest areas

It goes without saying, every construction site needs to provide some form of toilet facilities. You can hire mobile or static toilets, and depending on the number of employees that work on-site, you may require a block of toilets or a single unit.

It’s also important that workers have breakout areas. This can be a separate catering unit on-site which provides some cooking facilities such as a microwave. Changing areas and a drying room can also be beneficial. Should your employees need to work in inclement weather, a drying room would be the ideal place to dry wet clothing.
Depending on your site, additional facilities such as showers may be required to control risks from hazardous substances. For example, lead or micro-organisms. It’s also important to remember that separate facilities may be needed for men and women.

Who is responsible for ensuring these facilities? Contractors are responsible for providing the right welfare for workers while they’re on site. It’s the role of the Principle Contractor to ensure that this is done from the start of the project until it’s completed. It also falls upon the commercial clients to make sure contractors have arrangements for the providing the right welfare – which applies to all construction work.

Essential site services from WysePower

At WysePower, we take care of all your on-site needs, including the design and installation of temporary water and drainage. Our expert WysePeople delivers a fast, efficient service to get you connected quicker, allowing you to start your project as soon as possible.

Man working on installing utilities for a construction site.

So, what do we supply? Our innovative WysePeople install water management solutions from the ground up to 200+ storeys high. We make sure that your site has running warm and cold water to service mess areas and toiletpods. We also ensure that the correct wastewater system is in place to take it all back out.

A constant, dependable supply of clean water on-site is imperative. At WysePower, we provide a sterilisation system to disinfect drinking water supplies, oxidise iron and other metals and eliminate odours on-site. For great peace of mind, we oversee the provision of all water supplies to site. From drinking water to silo supplies, installing temporary waterpipes to the washroom and toilets, and catering facilities, we’re on hand to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Choose WysePower for all your essential site services. Contact us today to find out more about how our temporary services can benefit your power site.
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