WysePower Electrical Engineer Liam Green was presented with an award by BAM Construction Ltd recently after identifying a safety risk on-site at the James Potter Building in Manchester.

While undertaking tasks on the Salford Royal Hospital site, Liam discovered scaffolding – within a window – that had not been erected correctly. The scaffold exceeded the maximum permitted gap allowance and could have led to a serious incident.

“This is the perfect demonstration of how attentive our Engineers are,” said Ian Green, Operations Director, WysePower. “The way they look out for themselves and others whilst safely working on construction sites. They don’t just simply walk by anything that doesn’t look safe.”

After reporting the risk, the issue was raised to all staff on-site during the daily DABS meetings and resolved.

“This incident also promotes good health and safety working practices and great communication between WysePower staff and on-site contactors. We’re all extremely proud of Liam.”

BAM Construction Ltd commented: “Each month we award subcontractors operative of the month and feedback card of the month. Liam was awarded feedback card of the month for the card he submitted.”

Liam was awarded with a £25 voucher from BAM which was matched by WysePower.