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We fully understand the need for carbon reducing solutions on the construction site and are proud to offer market-leading sustainable solutions. No matter how big or small your project is, we have devised a package of innovative solutions to reduce your energy and water consumption. We can do this by providing energy management through smart metering, consumption planning and water efficiency.

Solutions to reduce your energy and water consumption.
WysePower install a range of equipment to significantly reduce water usage on site.

Smart metering provides the data so you can take control. We can dramatically reduce your energy usage, in fact, you can achieve cost savings of up to 25%. Our energy monitoring system measures all energy use in one system, reporting by value, units and carbon emissions. By employing a variety of products and services we can reduce on-site energy use and Co2 production, whilst minimising your energy costs.

Through effective consumption planning based on the expected growth of the project, we can significantly reduce electricity usage while at the same time provide an uninterrupted supply to your construction site.

If you need help improving water efficiency, we can install a range of equipment to significantly reduce water usage on site, which will ultimately help to reduce costs. Our range includes: WaterGuard leak detection system, flow regulators and rainwater harvesting equipment.

If you would like your site’s sustainability goals to go further, discover a carbon neutral and cost-effective alternative solution to traditional concrete bases supporting cabins and accessories, with WyseBase.

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Trusted sustainable

We recycle and reuse our equipment to maximise a product lifespan – but nothing leaves our stores without our quality stamp of approval.

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as you go

We can match available capacity for each construction phase, reducing consumption and generating savings.

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Our expert WysePeople work with you to help reduce the carbon footprint of your project.

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