Trusted temporary electrical services.

At WysePower, we will devise a fully compliant, tailored scheme designed to meet your temporary electrical, power, lighting and communication requirements.

To ensure full power is always available on-site, we provide an exceptional all-round package providing flexible power solutions for any project of any size.

WysePower configuring and testing temporary power on a construction site.
WysePower providing temporary power for building sites through power banks.
Temporary building site lighting being installed by WysePower.

Providing secure and reliable temporary power

Since construction sites are not yet connected to the main grid, they require a temporary power supply. It’s vital this is set up immediately so that work can begin on-site. Our comprehensive range of temporary power solutions will get your site up and running in no time at all.

We design on-site service systems to ensure you have power throughout the duration of your project, whether through H.V substations, temporary generators, or utility connections. We are fully equipped for the installation of 110v and specialist transformers – with an impressive stock of over 7,000 tested and compliant units, meaning we can move at scale and speed.

We provide full site distribution of power, so once we’ve got you connected via the mains connection point on day one, we will then divert power across the site in order to begin construction sooner. Our connections then adapt and move with you, from foundation phase to first fix. Our cables start at the mains, but end in the racking above your head delivering power in skyscrapers to amenities and power points over 200 stories high.

Temporary lighting solutions for construction sites

To ensure your site works efficiently and safely, it’s important that there is sufficient lighting. It’s also a requirement under the Health and Safety Act 1974, that all sites must have appropriate lighting so all work can be undertaken effectively and safely. If the minimum on-site requirements are not met, projects and workers can be at risk. At Wysepower, our temporary lighting solutions are sure to meet all of your site’s requirements. 

With over 200,000 standard and specialist light fittings, we offer temporary access, safety and task lighting suitable for all applications and specifications – delivering peace of mind. To ensure that electrical appliances and equipment are safe to use, we can also conduct portable appliance testing (PAT), which involves a series of visual inspections and electronic tests. 

In addition to our standard powering portfolio, we can also provide power to newer technologies such as vehicle charging stations and solar farms. With our latest cloud based technologies, we can provide you with apps that show live energy monitoring data for your entire site – keeping your green goals in your sights and the power to change at your fingertips. Discover our sustainability services. 

WysePower installing temporary power, lighting and communication on a building site.
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Fully tested and compliant

Our temporary electrical services are fully designed and specially constructed for each project and tested with all the necessary electrical test certification.

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We’re sustainable

We can install intelligent lighting circuits to projects, reducing power consumption used on lighting.

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Complete solutions

We can design and install complete communication systems, including data cabling, telecoms and hoist call systems.

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Temporary electrics

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Access, task and safety lighting solutions

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Temporary generators

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