It’s crucial for construction sites to have sufficient lighting to ensure the safety of workers and for work to be carried out efficiently. So, how can WysePower help with this?

Working conditions on a construction site are often hazardous, so it’s essential that workers can move around safely. To ensure this, construction sites need a sufficient amount of natural or artificial light.

The importance of construction site lighting

Under the Health and Safety Act 1974, it’s a requirement that all sites must have appropriate lighting so work can be undertaken effectively and safely. This is further emphasised by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), which also states that “Every part of a construction site that is in use should, as far as possible, be arranged so that natural light is available for people to see to do their work and move about the site safely. Where natural light is inadequate or not available, artificial lighting should be provided.”

Having adequate lighting on-site can:

  • Help prevent accidents and injuries
  • Keep sites running efficiently
  • Allow vehicles to travel around on-site
  • Expose any potential hazards

What’s considered to be adequate lighting for construction sites? It depends on the purpose because different levels of lighting are needed for different tasks. The HSE Lighting at Work document provides full guidance on this.

Lighting requirements

When choosing temporary lighting solutions, they must be:

  • Durable and robust in order to cope with the conditions of the construction site
  • Low maintenance
  • Flexible enough to be used in different areas for different tasks
  • Operate efficiently with the power available on-site
  • Positioned in places that will not affect the safety of workers
  • Provide consistent lighting for the duration of the task

It’s also important that the chosen lighting solution doesn’t create dazzle or produce too much glare, as this can cause eye discomfort and potentially reduce awareness of possible hazards nearby. It’s also vital that the lighting doesn’t affect the way colours of surrounding equipment are seen – especially fire extinguishers or cables as this can pose a serious safety risk.

Temporary lighting from WysePower

To meet the demands of the construction site, WysePower has over 200,000 standard and specialist light fittings, that cater to a wide range of applications and specifications. Our temporary lighting solutions include access, safety and task lighting, which are robust and durable to withstand the conditions of all construction sites.

As part of our sustainability offering, we can also install intelligent lighting circuits to your projects, helping you reduce the power consumption used on lighting. Lighting is one of the most significant contributors to energy consumption. On average, lighting consumes 18% of the UK’s electricity, with commercial lighting accounting for 70% of this figure. Switching to smart or intelligent lighting can reduce this energy consumption. They integrate with smart devices and offer energy efficiency through features such as motion detection – so you only use what you need.

WysePower provides energy management through smart metering and consumption planning, allowing you to take control of your site’s energy usage, while at the same time providing an uninterrupted power supply. We adapt as you go. Our expert WysePeople work with you at each construction phase, helping you to reduce consumption and generate savings.

If you’re ready to light up your site, visit our temporary electrics page or call us today to discuss your project requirements: 0808 168 1675.