Every building, whether temporary or permanent, needs robust, solid foundations. Discover the importance of building foundations and how WyseBase could be the ideal sustainable solution. 

One of the most vital elements of any structure is the building foundations – even long after construction has been completed. Foundations are essential when it comes to ensuring stability and safety because it distributes the weight of a building evenly. It’s important to get the foundations right first time, and a number of factors need to be considered before you even lay down the first foundation block, including the type of foundation you use, ground conditions, and any adjacent buildings, trees, or drains.

But what if the ground conditions are not ready? You’ll probably need temporary foundations.

What are temporary foundations?

To put simply, temporary foundations are for temporary setups while works are completed. The ground conditions are not ideal at this point and so to setup cabins and modular buildings, foundations are required while the building is in situ. In some cases, cabins can be put straight onto the ground, but only for storage purposes. Therefore, temporary building foundations are imperative for all site setups.

It’s important that the foundations are installed correctly at the right heights and laser levelled off, ready for buildings to be installed on site safely and to be fully compliant. Placing buildings on blocks, railway sleepers and pallets is unsafe and uncompliant, and so temporary foundations such as WyseBase are ideal.

Why choose WyseBase?

WyseBase is a revolutionary temporary foundation solution that provides a carbon-neutral and cost-effective alternative to traditional concrete foundations.

“WyseBase is a one-stop shop solution for all our customers,” says Mike Collier, WyseBase Regional Manager. “Along with the temporary foundations for varying setups and multiple layouts, we also provide temporary access steps, ramps, vermin skirting, pathways, round ways, car parks, lighting pole supports to name just a few of the many uses for WyseBase.”

Although the bases are temporary, the material has a 20-year warranty so it can stay on site for long periods of time. Historically, some projects start off temporarily but have had setups out on site for over five years without any issues. Our expert WysePeople complete the installation and setup for the client and the foundations are there for the allocated time. Occasionally, materials that have been out on site for over ten years are sold to be reused.

A sustainable alternative to concrete foundations

Traditionally, concrete has been the material of choice for creating foundation blocks or footing blocks. Using concrete can have a significant impact on the environment due to its high carbon footprint, however, WyseBase is made from 100% recycled materials and is fully recyclable after use. Compared to the alternative concrete footings, WyseBase will save an average of 1.66t of carbon on each tonne of concrete produced.

WyseBase also removes the need to excavate or level the ground. It uses a unique stacking system that allows for fast, easy, and efficient installation that minimises the environmental impact of the foundation. The WyseBase system can also be reconfigured and relocated thanks to its modular design.

“We work all over the UK and can be on site when required to complete installations to specific requirements, and then return to complete all the other options such as steps or ramps, for example. WyseBase is carbon neutral, recycled and there is no breaking of ground so the area can go back to how it was originally with no landfill for concrete as WyseBase foundations can be collected and used time and again.”

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